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Every diver needs to purchase a hyperbaric chamber donation fee (Licencia de Buceo). The fee includes among other costs the 24h. Hotline emergency response from the hyperbaric medical team MEDISUB and also includes the first hyperbaric treatment if necessary.

The "Licencia de Buceo" (Hyperbaric chamber fee) can be purchased directly at the PDIA Dive Center

You need to present: Passport or ID, Diving license, logbook and a medical statement. Medical reports are valid 2 years if you are under the 40s and 1 year if you are above.

Daily fee: 6€

Yearly fee - 12 months- if you already have Diving insurance like DAN, VDST, etc. 10€

Yearly fee – 12 months- (including the first Hyperbaric treatment) 18€